Aerofly FS – Review

Aerofly FS (Flight Simulator) has finally become available on your mobile or tablet. It has now become possible to play Aerofly Flight Simulator on your iPad and enjoy the realistic flight physics of plane piloting.

You will enjoy flight simulation in a way you never have before as the app sets a high standard in the quality and graphics of flying. The aircraft is highly detailed with all the dials and buttons very clear and easy to read and the terrain has some superb detail too. The frame rates are smooth and there appears to be no shuddering or jumping when coming into land.


So, we have a nice looking aircraft, wonderful features and a detailed terrain but how easy is it to fly? Aerofly FS has a highly intuitive user interface and you should be flying comfortably within a matter of minutes. The training time is limited because it is ultimately very easy to get in the cockpit and go.

There is a stunning sensation of realism that you get once you are up in the air and flying your own plane. There is so much realism in the flight that your heart will skip a beat should you make even a minor mistake. The stunning levels of realistic flight patterns are enjoyed even more when you take your seat in the cockpit and fly over the stunning Alpine region of Switzerland. The area is one of outstanding natural beauty and the tall mountains and lush, green grass hillside make this terrain a very magical place.

If you want to do a spot of sightseeing while you fly, then we suggest taking the comfortable and easy to fly DR 400 Robin six-seated, which has large clear windows perfect for gazing out at the mountains and the stunning detailed terrain. But for those who would rather practice their flying skills and perform loop the loops, and climb up through the thermals, you should select the small Discus Glider so you can practice aerobics in the air and show off your skills to large crowds on the ground. But we suggest you move on to the Discus Glider after you have familiarized yourself with the basics of flying first.


For many, this will be the closest we get to flying a plane; so all in all a great flight simulator game app that has many great features and is perfect for real pilots learning to fly too. I’m a huge fan of flight simulator apps and with one this good it gets a top rating.

iPhoneGlance Rating of aerofly FS [rating=5]