MarginNote – Review

If you need to do a lot of reading and note taking in your work, then you’ll want to look at MarginNote, an app that allows for wonderful reading and taking notes that are integrated with the popular Evernote software. With MarginNote you can take notes that you would normally stick in the margin very easily, all notes are very well organized and all the notes you make in the margin are integrated with Evernote.


There are several features that make MarginNote a very dynamic tool for those that need to jot down important notes and drawings. The kind of people we believe would make very good use of this app are students that are attending important lectures or tutorial study classes and need to jot down important notes into the margins next to the text it is relevant to. Secretaries and minute takers that are attending business meetings and need to type up notes afterwards which detail the guts of what has been said during the meeting and journalists that are interviewing someone and need to take some spot notes during the limited time they have with their client.

MarginNote has a very good PDF reader which means you will be able to easily print out or view your margin notes with ease. There is also an EPUB reader if you prefer that method but all in all it really does make reading those notes in the book margins seamlessly effortless and straightforward. The app also supports text, handwriting and voice notes, so it is ideal if you want to jot something down very quickly and you cannot do it fast enough by texting.

All you will have to do is simply attend your lecture or interview and speak into the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and your margin notes will appear effortlessly along side the margins of your book or reader. You can even use sensitive writing or notes that need highlighting. The app is fairly easy to use and perfect for those that have to take notes to advance study or career, so if this is you, then I’d take a good look at Margin Note.


On MarginNote you can organize all scribbling via a mind map tool, which helps you to generate the outline of your book easily. You can synchronize all your work with the Evernote software every single minute and the Evernote client will help you to share or edit your notes effortlessly.

iPhoneGlance Rating of MarginNote is [rating=4]