Zombie Defense: Smash & Crash – Review

Zombie Defense: Smash & Crash is a game you can play on the Android platform and involves those loveable living dead creatures known as the zombies. You will need lightning quick hands or a fastest finger first to keep up with this high-paced defence game and there will inevitably be a great deal of smashing, crashing and banging as you are tasked with protecting the princess from the invasion of the zombies and their hordes.

You will need to toss and throw the zombies around by grabbing them and throwing them hard against the ground, a wall, a lamp post, a curb or in fact any object that will be enough to kill them. The zombies will naturally just keep coming towards you as they know no fear, and you must make full of gravity as it will inevitably be your best friend.


Zombie Defense has many dynamic features and is well priced at just 50p for this Android game. You will have no fewer than 36 zombie levels where you can smash and crash at will. Moreover, there are expected to be more levels coming in the near future. You can pick up to three pets that will help you to protect the princess, with these pets being upgradeable. You will also have access to more than 10 weapons ranging from pistols, bazookas and grenades. These weapons are also upgradeable and can become far more powerful in wiping out the zombies when working at the optimum grading.

There are also a number of achievements that you will be expected to complete when playing Zombie Defense and with more than 20 to complete, you will certainly have your work cut out for you. Throughout the game you will undoubtedly encounter many enemies and zombie lords that you will have to overcome. You will get the opportunity to destroy the Ironclad Zombie warrior or the White Collar Zombie who looks like he has just walked out of the accounts department after having wiped out the whole section. There is also the Vampire Count and the Marathoner Zombie, all of whom have several special powers themselves that will make your protecting the princess just that little bit more challenging!


However, you will be given six weapons that are deadly and super and will certainly help you combat against the zombies. You can play Zombie Defense to protect your princess or simply for the fun and enjoyment of throwing zombies around.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Zombie Defense: Smash & Crash [rating=4]