IPEVO PadPillow Stand for iPad – Review

PadPillow is a versatile stand that makes reading and viewing your iPad comfortable and cosy. It works for all generations of the iPad and even has a mat for when you want to use a wireless keyboard for that extra bit of comfort. The PadPillow is ideal when you are lounging around sat on your sofa and the product rests easily on your waist while you have your feet up. It works a treat when sat outside on a sun lounger or on your favourite bean bag.


The PadPillow is perfectly designed to keep both you and your iPad comfortable and sturdy. It is soft and can even be hugged but it’s not too soft so that it does not offer a sturdy positioning of your iPad. So, you’ll not have to worry about it sinking into the pillow and falling off. The Pad Pillow is perfect for when you want to leave the office chair and desk and get into a new and more comfortable position.

It may be that you want to watch a film on YouTube, or you may want to read something like the news on the internet, or perhaps you want to browse through Helen and Marco’s wedding photos. Whatever you want to do that requires you to be in a more relaxed position, the PadPillow is there to support your iPad, regardless of which generation you have. PadPillow provides an ultimate versatility for when you are using your iPad, all with the great comfort of your own body taken into consideration. It’s not just designed for you but for your iPad too.

So, what does the Pad Pillow actually look like? It is made up of two triangular sections both connected by a soft but sturdy hinge. To use you will need to fold the sections out to the extended position, which makes the PadPillow perfect for resting on the floor, sofa or even the bed. You will have to control the viewing angle by slightly bending your knees if you decide to use the Pad Pillow while sat up in bed. The extended position also gives you space for a Bluetooth keyboard.


There will be times when you just don’t want to sit up at the desk and strain your back, shoulders and neck and just get into a far more comfortable position and watch whatever you want on your iPad. The PadPillow comes in 6 different colours, so you will be able to find one that suits you.