Dragonslayer is an intense, breathtaking action-RPG adventure – Review

Dragon Slayers is an intense, action style, addictive and scintillating all adventure role playing game where you will be transported to a land of magical mystery and plenty of danger. The graphics and the artwork and very impressive and it’s not difficult to lose oneself in the amazingly expansive, wide open, three dimensional realm that will surely leave you in awe and wonder.

In Dragon Slayer you will find you have arrived in a land that is occupied mainly by peasants who have long been looking for a hero, or someone to save them from their plight, could that person be you? Your task that lies ahead is the efforts and challenges to become that hero and save the peasant classes, which these downtrodden peoples so desperately need.


As well as the creative graphical content, there is a groovy customized soundtrack to accompany Dragon Slayers, so you will not be annoyed by some tacky sound and cheesy music but a soundtrack that is befitting for an epic adventure like this one has.

As you begin to play Dragon Slayers you will be given the choice to select one of two classes. One is the man who is able to solve problems and resolve issues with a cool head that will eventually graduate to become a true warrior. Then we have the deadly female that tends to be rather cunning and has that deadly finesse about her. If you feel your character leans more towards her, then by all means select the deadly female mage.

You will need a certain amount of heart, skill and of course endurance if you wish to succeed in Dragon Slayers. But with these qualities, you will be certain to become the deadly Dragon Slayer and hero of the people you so aspire to be.


It is a fantasy game but with three dimensional images everywhere you will find a great deal of realism among the fantasy. The textures really are rather formidable and seem to bring all the fantasy to life. There is much in the way of inspired character design, not only for your characters but for the poor peasants and folk that populate the city. The animations are very much detailed and every combat skill you embrace will time itself perfectly with the customized sounds you’ll hear. Another feature we liked about Dragon Slayers is the 360-degree rotating camera angles that offer the players a great view of the action. Dragon Slayers is also available on the Google play store.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Dragon Slayers [rating=5]