The highest grossing game apps of all time

Smartphone technology has advanced significantly in recent years, delivering a portable treasure trove of game titles and sites. You can now play the latest console release on your Android, drop into an online casino on your iPhone or just bring an entire arcade to your fingertips.

It’s no wonder that mobile gaming has boomed in popularity and with it has come a profitable industry of game app development. Here are five of the highest grossing mobile app games of all time, which have lined the pockets of their creators and kept millions of players across the world entertained.

Angry Birds

If your gaze has ever so much as flicked across a smartphone screen, then you will be familiar with the mobile app giant that is Angry Birds. The colourful game has kept many a commuters busy and has even inspired a theme park in Finland.

Springing from humble beginnings back in 2009, Angry Birds grew from a simple sideproject to the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Within just one year of its launch, the app had generated $7 million in revenue. Producers of the game, Rovio, attribute most of their revenue to Angry Birds, which has scooped the title of most downloaded game ever.

Draw Something

Although failing to hit the fame of Angry Birds, Draw Something has a huge following of players. The game works like a digital Pictionary, allowing players to draw an image on their smartphone screen. They are then able to share their artistic work on social network site Facebook, inviting friends to join in the fun.

OMGPOP created the app but has since been purchased by social gaming giant Zynga for a princely sum of $180 million. The simple nature of the game continues to attract attention from mobile users, and reportedly generates $250,000 in revenue per day.

Fruit Ninja

This virtual fruit slice up began as a way of calling attention to the challenges that Native Americans and farmers residing in the United States are facing. It was launched as a free trial version, with a full app available for purchase.

Since its release, the game has exploded in popularity and now brings in approximately $400,000 each month through advertising revenue alone. Around 14 million people have downloaded the free trial, with a whopping six million sales for the full app version.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto has been making waves on home consoles recently, but it’s also taking the mobile platform by hostage too. Creators of the franchise, Take-Two Games decided to venture into mobile computing devices, delivering their titles in app form.

Last year, the Grand Theft Auto mobile apps accounted for 11% of the franchise’s total revenue. That’s a whopping $27 million spent on virtual mobile crime sprees in a three-month period alone.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump developer Igor Pusenjack has hopped his way to a fortune with this simple, yet hugely addictive game title. The app boasts a selection of different themed levels and challenges, along with charming hand-drawn graphics to entice players of all ages.

Pusenjack and his company have pocketed a whopping $5 million in profits from Doodle Jump, with more than seven million people paying the modest price of 99 cents for download.