Quality Natural Leather cover Case For iPhone 5s Answer Coming Calls Without Flip Over

The genuine leather folio flip design which will protect your iPhone 5S and make it look real smart too. The product is fully customized and dirt resistant and has an anti-dust proof finish that will make your protective case look smart, clean and as new at all times.

Labato are a new and emerging brand that focuses specifically on accessories that protect our smartphones and other devices. The brand thinks highly of what the customer actually needs and wants, so you can be sure this particular iPhone 5S Case will be funky, durable and artistic; that’s because it is. But moreover, the iPhone 5S Case is inexpensive and a quality product too.


The iPhone 5S Case is relatively cheap considering its quality because at just $17 (a little under £11) it will not only make your iPhone 5S look smart but it will protect it too from the everyday bumps and scratches our phones so often receive. The case is also delivered in a nice tidy presentation box so you could offer this as a gift to a friend or loved one, as long as they have the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S Case comes in a variety of colours too, depending on your choice. The colour range comes in green, red, white or black and there are slots perfectly positioned to allow you use your iPhone 5S for taking pictures and video, talking on the phone and charging while the protective case remains on throughout.

The last time we looked on this product’s page, we noticed that every customer had given the case its recommendation. The iPhone 5S Case does what it says on the tin and will protect your screen and keep it dust free and also prevent your phone from those nasty little scratches and chips it gets if you drop it.


These days we are using our iPhones more and more often and the chances that we will drop it or scratch it are more prevalent than ever. This is why such an expensive device should be protected from the everyday grubby fingers and accidental marks we may inflict on our much-loved iPhone.

In short, using the iPhone 5S Case will protect your phone and keep it in its original condition, even if you do accidentally drop it. Its genuine leather folio flip design is also rather fashionable as a phone case too.