Bouncy Ball Free – Review

Sometimes we just have to have those apps that will help us to kill time and give us a small piece of satisfaction without all the necessary thrills and spills. Every now and again, we like to play simple games that don’t need our brains to work in overdrive or our strategy to put to the test. On such game that is simple but effective, easy to play but annoyingly difficult to master and jolly good all round fun is Bouncy Ball Free.

As its name suggests on the tin, it’s free and although you may get fed up with after a few months, it is one of those app games that can get surprisingly addictive and yet it seems so ridiculously easy to play. The older version of this game was actually called Bumpy, as this is its successor made by the app developer Yong Ok Park, there are one or two improvisations on this app that you’ll notice once you get going.


Your task is to control the Bouncy Ball and the star. No doubt you will feel the thrill and often be a little puzzled by its game plan. It has not been made too simple and there is a bit of a challenge going on here.

The question is, are you ready to bounce? It’s a game that younger children should enjoy, and can be a real time waster on those long car journeys when you are fed up with playing I-Spy or other mundane games. To operate the controls on Bouncy Ball Free it is all fairly easy. Simply touch the left area of your iPhone or iPod and the game ball will move to your left, touch the right side of the screen and the ball will move to the right. But it’s all about getting just the right balance between how far left you should go, or indeed how far right.


It is pretty easy to play but there are a staggering 160 levels and so many various items you will encounter along the way. Overall, we felt this game can be rather addictive, especially as there were so many levels and you will always have that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that wants you to put it down, but you just can’t until you completed all the 160 levels in the game. That is where the addiction comes in the game, we guess!

iPhoneGlance Rating of Bouncy Ball Free is [rating=4]