iOS7 Tips and Tricks

iOS is the operating system for iPhone. iOS 7 has a great new clean design.  Besides the new design, iOS 7 has a several new features that you may want to pay special attention to.  Some of these features will save you time, save your battery and allow you to make the most of your iPhone.

Find Nearby and Popular Apps

At iPhoneGlance we love finding new apps. The App Store has a new category called Near Me.  Tap Near Me from the menu at the bottom and you’ll get a list of the apps that people who live nearby  are actually using. This can be a great way for finding popular apps for local businesses. It’s also a great option if you’re on vacation somewhere and you want some good local apps to help you learn about the area.

How to get the most our of Your Battery

Within iOS7 apps running in the background your battery can become drained fast… but you can do something about it! Go tSettings > General > Background App Refresh and you will see a list of apps that might be trying to do things in the background. Simply toggle off any that you don’t want to use.

How to Block Callers You Don’t Want to Talk to

No more annoying calls from your mother-in-law asking you to help fix her computer, or that persistent “friend” from school. Simply to Settings > Phone > Blocked and add them to your blacklist. Alternatively you can also go into each individual contact and choose Block Contact near the bottom.

Save Time Searching Safari

You can now type searches directly into the address bar in Safari and it will return real-time results, both from Google and from your own Bookmarked pages.  Also consider heading into Settings in Safari to change various options like your default search engine.

Stop the Moving Screen Background 

The new moving background is called the  parallax effect.  Don’t like this feature? Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion on to ease up on the animations. You can also make the text bold or even make it bigger in the Accessibility menu.

I hope you enjoyed some of these iOS7 Tips and Tricks.  Please leave a comment with any of your own tips.  Check back often at iPhoneGlance for more tips, app reviews, app news and more.

Written by Kerry Mann. Kerry is an experienced iPhone app marketer specializing in getting his clients MORE App Installs. Visit Kerry at