5 Games That Feed Your Addiction

Just. One. More. Level. You know those games that have you feeding the kids peanut butter and jelly for dinner, or hiding your screen when the boss walks by. Those addictions that keep you glued to your computer or mobile device. Let the enjoyment continue with these five games that will have you wishing there were more hours in the day,


Create your own empire in this city building game that allows you to manage the finances for your growing city. Build up your resources to run your town, and expand your land and sea. Team up with neighbors for even more options.

Rated four out of five stars on Google Play, the game has been downloaded more than ten million times. The 3D graphics bring to life famous architecture from ancient times all they way to the modern day, offering players more than five hundred buildings and hundreds of construction materials.

The Walking Dead: The Game

Whether you are a fan of the original comic book series by Robert Kirkman with artist Tony Moore, an avid watcher of the television series, or simply like zombies, this game is for you. The five part series for your mobile app can have you battling the undead wherever you go. Amazing graphics, shocking moments and touch-screen game play can have you on the run.

Your goal is not just to survive, but also to protect the young girl, Clemetine. The decisions you make not only affect now, but can have long lasting affects as well. Your snap decisions can alter game play drastically, so think fast on your feet.

Jewel Quest

For matching addiction at its finest, Jewel Quest offers endless levels as you travel through beautiful Mayan Ruins to reach the fabled Tonatiuh – The Temple of the Fifth Sun. By matching idols, gems, and artifacts in groups of three or more, you further your quest and reach goals. But the challenge goes up the further along the jungle path you go.

As you turn the tiles to gold and uncover hidden artifacts, your pleasure increases, along with your addiction. With power ups, a great soundtrack, and colorful graphics, this is a must have for any game addict.

Dungeon Hearts

Combining the best of matching puzzle games and RPG, Dungeon Hearts has you aligning the magical runes as they flow along the Fatestream. Attack, defend, and use magic in battle against a wide array of fantastical creatures. The challenges and fast-paced action keeps you on your toes, while your enemy struggles to use the same runes against you. Battle your way to the end and defeat The Dark One.

My Singing Monsters

For the music lovers at heart, this new game for the Android allows you to breed, feed, and care for your musical beasts. Each monster has its own tune, song, or beat. Combine them to create your own song. The catchy tune and fun-filled creativity will have you singing along as you raise your own monstrous orchestra. It offers a fun matching game and scratch off tickets for you to add to your motley collection. Decorate, design, and create your own musical world.