Travelling this holiday? You will want the Simply Declare app to help you once you get to customs

Simply Declare Travel App Free is definitely one for the wise and regular traveller. It lets you enter into the app all the items you have purchased overseas so that when you arrive back in your home country, it will tell you how much duty you will have to pay (if any) once you pass through the “anything to declare” channel when you go through arrivals.

Simply Declare Travel App updates in real time and if there have been any changes in the duty rates or quantities permitted then Simply Declare Travel App will know about it and update in time for when you get back to your own country. The app will also convert from the currency of the country you purchased your goods in and let you know how much that will cost in your own currency. Exchange rates actually update by the minute during the working week, so with regular updates constantly updating in the app you can be sure you will get the exact answer of how much duty you should be paying when you arrive home.


The Simply Declare Travel App also has a nice interface that is easy for travellers to use and will support a number of different currencies. You may well have travelled to Spain and will want to know how many cigars, cigarettes, alcohol or wines and spirits you can bring back. If you want to bring back more then you can, providing of course you declare the excess with customs when you arrive back in your own country. The Simply Declare Travel App will calculate how much duty you will have to pay when you arrive back home and declare your excess wines, beers, cigars, perfume, apparel, or spirits you bought in that cheap supermarket in Barcelona. If you are arriving home in the United Kingdom, the app will translate the amounts you spent in Barcelona and convert to pounds from Euros. And as it does the conversion in real time, you can be sure you will be getting the exact answer of excess duty payments that will need to be made when arriving home in London, Birmingham or Manchester.


When you fill out your declaration form at customs you will be required to list each and every item. The Simply Declare Travel App will itemise and list all these items for you so filling out this awkward form suddenly becomes a doddle.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Simply Declare is [rating=5]