FileCentral the ultimate document reading, File storage, PDF Converter & Printing App

Email, Photos, Contacts, Calendar, blah, blah, blah. We are inundated with so much information in our daily lives we all struggling to figure out a way to streamline. Eurosmartz has created an app called FileCentral which does it all beautifully. But let’s go through the entire feature list, starting at the first problem most of us have with our information blitz, Email.

Everyone I know has a couple of email addresses. I use the Gmail app, the Yahoo app, the Mail app and so on and so on. It seems my day is a never ending opening and closing of apps, toggling between them trying to get through all my daily mail. FileCentral is exactly that, it centralizes the stream of information into one nifty place making work or personal paperwork a breeze. With the touch of a couple of keys, making for an easy set up, all your files are transports to File Central. Now, I use strictly cloud based email accounts so if you have an IPS mail account I can’t say one way or another if it is difficult to set up, but the app is so well made I think probably not. Your bottom menu in the email section is easy to understand and lets you manage and manipulate your files easily.
Creating emails is another bonus because of File Central’s contact integration.


How often do you go to send an email, and realize the contact information is in a different app? FileCentral moves all your contact information into one universal list making sending emails a snap. I also really like the feature of being able to control the account of the email in which you are sending. If you happen to be in the wrong email account, it’s just a quick switch from the menu bar, brilliant.
Photos is another feature which Eurosmartz’ has given thought to. The files are quickly organized at your fingertips for your use. This is the only little hitch I find in the whole app, as the “sharing” icon we universally recognize has a different purpose in this app. But it’s not too big of an issue to deal with.
The Calendar feature is superb, all the calendars in my iPad have been put into one central place, and you can choose your layout, whether you like day, week, month, list. Your information is there for you to see.

Clipboard is a place to see anything you have copied and pasted into other places. I found it quite helpful in my social media endeavours, as I could just pick it up from the clipboard and then paste into my media apps. (Perhaps adding social media integration could be a future feature?)

Now, for the final and my favorite feature I have to tell you a tale. I went shopping to buy a new WIFI printer. There is nothing wrong with my existing printer, but I would like the feature of printing the occasional item from my iPad. FileCentral has the ability to turn my old printer into a WIFI printer with the simple download of Eurosmartz WePrint program, a two minute installation and ta-da I have a WIFI printer capability from my iPad.


So I ask you this, when does an app worth 5 pounds or 7 bucks (if you are in the Americas) save you a couple hundred? When the app is FileCentral! This app is an absolute slam dunk for anyone looking to streamline their information whirlwind.

iPhoneGlance Rating of FileCentral is [rating=4]