The Women Magazine app, All that Women need, like and enjoy in one magazine

Women spend a lot of money on magazines every week to get their dose of celebrity news and gossips. Sometime it’s not convenient for you ladies, because of such a busy life you really haven’t got much time to get to the store to get your daily copy. Now it’s a bit easier for you. Introducing Women Magazine from Webelinx DOO for iOS an app filled with every topic you can think of to keep you happy through the day. Want tips on fashion, beauty, love, health, lifestyle dating or even wedding if you decide to tie the knot. Then Women Magazine is the app you’ll need. Not only that, you even get a dose of celebrity news and gossip.


The articles are well written and attention-holding. The app also contains video tutorials and how-to instructions. Women and girls of all ages will enjoy the diverse information the app has to offer. Not a lot of magazines offer really good tips for women. Are you going through a break up, perhaps you want to lose weight or maybe you need a new boyfriend. You can get all the information from the Women Magazine. The hot spot to travel to is also one of the list of things the app offers. What book to read, what movie to watch the lists of articles and tips are just endless.

With over 1000 articles already available and hundred’s more added every week there will be something for every woman. You can also sign in with Facebook and comment on your favourite articles. How many time have you ladies found it hard to put together an outfit, those days are over, the app contains a fashion category dubbed the “Top 7”. This is where readers are given outfit combinations for each day of the week. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


The app have been developed by women for women. I guess it’s women that would know best what other women want. Superb application and well worth the download. You will also find it useful the way the developers make it easy for users to get through the app. The articles are grouped in categories and subcategories which just makes it practical for users:

Beauty: Makeup, Nails, Skin, Hair;

Fashion: Trends, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Top 7;

Entertainment: Books, Apps, Movies;

Lifestyle: Travel, Health, Fitness, Decoration;

Love: Dating, Sex, Wedding, Gifts;

Celebrity: News, Gossip, Style.

Women Magazine is an amazing app. The user interface is great and the graphics together with some sound effects are superb.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Women Magazine [rating=5]