FancyCam a photography app pack with loads of features – Review

Sarah Lim has just brought to the Appstore a new iOS iPhone app to give the photo bug new and exciting filters and cools effects. FancyCam, is $1.99 and with its 80 plus features and filter it is a great addition to your picture editing app portfolio.

The app has a few unique filters allowing the user to make cute mosaics and poster boards, quickly allowing you to edit and manipulate. There is a slick demonstration which pops up when you first download and open up the app, although I would have preferred a little more information and instructions for using the app, rather than a slick production showing you what effects you can create with the app.


The app is specifically designed to help the user get their pictures to social media, definitely targeted towards Instagramers, faster and with less hassle. But, FancyCam does have all the links to the social media sites, so you can spread your pictures readily to your friends and family not matter what social media you use.

FancyCam is good start to some wonderful effects, but I think the app does need some work on its intuitiveness. The interface has a couple of cumbersome spots, and you can find yourself working in circles to get the effect you want on your picture. The app, when you are moving from feature to feature doesn’t allow for easy transition or saving of the image. When you are in the main editing frames, the nuances are tricky to add, and I often lost the image I was working on. I think to correct this problem better guides or instructions would make it a more friendly user experience.

Now, I will say this, if you are a person who has used camera editing effects this app may be a snap for you.


In closing I think a free version might be the right path for the Sarah Lim to take. A free version would give her priceless feedback to continue to develop her FancyCam app.

FancyCam is packed with features. The list of what is offer is below:

– 80+ Live Filters
– InstaFX, Lomo Effects*
– Night, Flash, Food Filters*
– Color Splash Effects
– White Balance

– Square and Photo Modes
– Mirror Mode*
:prevent the front camera reverses your image

– 8 Image Adjustments
– Crop, Rotate, Sharpen, Straighten
– 50 photo collage frames
– Add a Watermark*

– Text
– Stickers, Doodles
– Photo cut out

iPhoneGlance Rating of FancyCam is [rating=4]