Amazing world of Pool action with Pool Adikus app – Review

Pool Adikus is an app for lovers of the game of pool. It is believed to be the first ever pool game released on the iTunes App Store. In this game you can dive in and play pool for free using any one of three different game styles. There is the solo game, the 8-ball or 9-ball game to choose from and the graphics are very sharp, colourful and radiant. The app has also recently been given an all round enhancement making it more dynamic and increasing its overall performance.

The game is specifically designed to play either on the iPhone or iPad devices and it can be exhilarating, fun and engaging and furthermore, you can play with anyone using the same device. Pool Adikus is an online game where you can play against anyone else anywhere in the world. The game is realistic and involves the usual healthy dose of strategy that pool players need when shooting on the real thing. You will need to be quick thinking and accurate if you want to win, but the usual adage of practice makes perfect definitely applies here.


With Pool Adikus you can invite friends via the Game Center and ask them to challenge you online. You may even receive a few requests yourself, particularly if you get near the top of the leader board. The app comes with a number of statistics and top game scores that are updated on a daily basis. So you can see which players are climbing up the leader board and who is not on their game.

Pool Adikus is realistic and has very healthy animation and graphics to match the vibrant colours. You will also find it has a user friendly menu so you can select the type of game play you want (solo, 8-ball or 9-ball), great touch controls for shooting the pool balls and moving the direction of the cue, as well as a compatibility for playing on the very latest iPhone devices 4 and 5.


Another great feature we found with Pool Adikus is that it is child friendly, so you won’t have to drag yourself down the pub and find a pound coin to play pool while your youngster decides to spend his time playing on the pool table. It is also a great way for a child to get to learn the rules of the game. Pool may well be a simple game to play but there are a number of laws of the game and there is a distinct difference between the laws of the 8-ball and 9-ball games.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Pool Adikus is [rating=4]