Wondershare TunesGo the best iTunes Companion

Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is a simple to use, one-click solution to compiling your iTunes library to your other devices like the iPhone, iPad and iTunes Library. All the ratings play counts and skips that you had previously edited on your library will easily convert over too, and it’s not just music you can transfer over but videos, photos and other files formats.


Compatibility on the Go

Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is a tool that lets you manage your music, playlists, photo albums, videos and individual images into nice neat and tidy filing systems. The Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is fully compatible with the iOS 7 operating system, and the latest iPhone 5. It is also compatible with the latest iPod Touch 5 and the new iPad Mini. The Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) is the new name given to this software which you may previously remember as Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac).

Building Your iTunes Library

So with a new name and a fresh branding this software has been fully optimized to work with all the latest devices in the Apple product line. Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) does what your iTunes library cannot – that is the ability to rebuild your iTunes library, back up music, photos, videos, voice message memos and clips to your Mac.

Smart Transfer of iTunes Playlists

This software can manage your library and copy stuff on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and load it onto your Mac. Podcasts that you had previously uploaded onto your iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 or iPad Mini can now be easily transferred to your Mac. Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) even has a smart export function like a feature where you transfer all the songs on your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad and move them to your Mac, and any songs repeated on your Mac will not transfer over. After all, you don’t want the same song on your library twice!



Transfers that Work Both Ways

The transfer works both ways on the Wondershare TunesGo (Mac); for example you can easily move stuff that is on your Mac and transfer those files over to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You may have a number of great songs, stunning videos and beautiful images that you took some years ago and uploaded onto your Mac, but now those files can easily be converted over to your iPhone or iPod Touch allowing you to share with your friends down at your local restaurant or bar. After all, you would not want to drag your Mac down there, would you?

Wondershare TunesGo for Mac can be downloaded for free, but the free version is limited. You however do have the option to go to the premium version which cost $40, small price to pay for such an efficient software .