Custom Control Pad turn your iPad into a customizable keyboard / joystick to control you PC or Mac

With the 99c Custom Control Pad you will have the ability to turn your iPad or iPhone into a customizable keyboard or joystick (or use them both together) to control your PC or Mac. It is worth pointing out that before you can get this to work you will need to download a server application for your PC or Mac. That can be found at and is a free download.

Once you are up and running you set up and save several different layouts of your own choice. You can put buttons, labels, knobs, keys, virtual joysticks, sliders and other such GUI elements and assign them to a specific place to be reproduced to feature on your PC or Mac. An example of this would be the “Save As” button – which we all know means you would have to press CTRL + ALT + S to work such a function on your PC. But imagine having the ability to be able to do this straight from your iPhone instead.


Custom Control Pad is able to reproduce keyboard and joystick inputs on your PC or Mac by using your iPad or iPhone to input these commands. There are promises from the developer Frozen Pepper that Midi and Track Pad will be coming soon as well! With Custom Control Pad you can totally customize the graphics of your layouts, either by sharing or creating your own skin, or by adding your camera images on file to use as a background. In total there are around six default skins all available and included on the app and what’s more, they are all high resolution too!

Custom Control Pad can also receive data from your PC thanks to an API which makes you able to customize your favourite game or app so that it will then display the data directly on your iPad or iPhone device.

No longer will you have to keep remembering keyboard shortcuts for those daily apps and games you always use and you can now control your Mac or PC directly from your touch screen device. It basically turns your iPhone or iPad into a keyboard or a joystick, or even both so that it interacts directly to your PC or Mac.


What we found it useful for was the joystick feature was being controlled when playing the latest game of Doom 2 on our Mac, directly from the comfort of your sofa using the iPhone 5.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Custom Control Pad [rating=4]