Conojo Whiteboard – Interactive Drawing Tool: Review

VizMojoLabs brings a hit app! Conjo Whiteboard is a great new application that allows the user to use a whiteboard. Not only can the user use the app like a whiteboard, but has new features to help allow the user to have more control. With new intuitive drawing tools, Conjo Whiteboard, has easily become another great app. What makes Conjo Whiteboard amazing is the plethora of features that it comes with. Wifi and Bluetooth capability bring the application to a whole new level. Not only can you share your screen with others, but you can access built in training videos. Conjo Whiteboard also comes with powerful templates to help you create the best for your presentation.


Overall, VizMojoLabs has brought a great app to the iPad. The clarity in the app is wonderful. It is easy to pickup and learn how to use within a couple minutes. The designers at VizMojoLabs have done an outstanding job with this app. With the clarity of the tutorials and the easy to use tools, I was able to create amazing works on the whiteboard.

The overall impression on the application was wonderful. Although that app has a small usage target, the developers have added so many features to this somewhat simple application, to make it amazing. The wifi connection that comes with the app makes the app a must have when dealing with others. This feature allows easy communication and screen sharing with anyone. Have an idea you need to show someone? No problem, with this feature you can show anyone with the app you screen and help illustrate your designs or work, without having to actually be there.


The application was a great addition to my iPad and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an app that will help bring an easy to use drawing app with sharing capabilities.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Conojo Whiteboard: 8/10 – A very well designed app that allows easy communication and fluid designing tools.