eSports Events Free – Review

Delbo ITS has come out with a great entertainment app! eSport Events Free is a new app that allows you to plan events for all your eSports needs. eSports is an app that acts as a calendar for certain events that have to do with eSports. Anytime there is an upcoming even, you can choose to add it to your calendar.

Not only is eSports Events Free an even calendar, but it is packed with terrific features that will help you tremendously. Some of these features include, Reminders, Sharing and Information. When adding an event to your calendar, eSports Events Free allows you to view information about the event and all of the detail you will need to learn. After reading about the upcoming event, you can then choose to add the event to your calendar if you wish to go.


Another great feature of eSports Events Free, is that it will remind you. It has a built in feature to allow reminders when the date for the event is getting closer. It notifies you when an event is coming up and what time it will start. eSports also has a sharing feature. This feature allows the user to share the tournament results with your friends and allow you to clash with your friends.

One of the best features, in my opinion, is that it allows you to view the tournament statistics. After the tournament is over, eSports Events Free will bring up all of the data collected during the tournament, allowing you to view the score and who the winners were.


Overall, eSports Events Free is a great application if you are looking for a quick way to manage upcoming eSport Events. The layout is easy to understand and function with, allowing the user to easily learn the application within a couple minutes; And the application has well built graphics allowing for a more sophisticated view. I highly recommend eSports Events Free to anyone who is into eSport Events.

iPhoneGlance Rating: 8/10 — Very well designed for such a simple idea; It is overflowing with features for what it was designed for.