Brush Brush cocomong – Review

Brush Brush cocomong is an educational app for your children and worth only $3.99 it takes your child through the six basic steps on how they should brush their teeth properly. Cocomong is an ape like character that lives in a fantasy world inside a refrigerator. Inside the fridge Cocomong has many friends, in fact there are 11 characters that range from cute little animals to items of food.

Cocomong himself is a monkey that looks like a sausage and his friend Ahrome is a boiled egg that looks like a rabbit. Then you have Ohmong who is Cocomong’s pet and is a fusion of a dog and a fried shrimp character. They are all joined by the cucumber and alligator character known as Ahgul and there is Kairo, a fusion between a horse that is obsessed with hygiene and represents a carrot. There are others too but some of the characters names may well be a challenge for your little ones to remember.


Cocomong and his friends will invite your youngster to sing along with a variety of interactive modules. The theme of this app is to get your child to brush their teeth in the correct fashion and use the right steps throughout. It teaches kids that teeth should be brushed within three minutes of consuming food and this is to get rid of any nasty cavity germs.

In the app you will have an animated step by step guide that begins by showing the correct amount of toothpaste to use and finishes by showing your child just how to rinse properly. There is also a storybook where a well narrated voice that shows your little one how they can feed Cocomong a variety of healthy snacks and treats and you can even brush Cocomong’s teeth in a virtual manner.

Basically the app has many colourful characters and whimsical voices with loveable characters resembling different foods and animal combinations. Brush Brush cocomong displays a way to get your child to brush their teeth properly while having fun at the same time. Each step of tooth brushing is shown is a clear, educational yet engaging fashion that should teach your children the right way to induce oral hygiene and fight against tooth decay.


If you like you can select the narrator to read aloud to your child or you can turn off the voice over and read it yourself to your child. Great app for kids, with some good graphics.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Brush Brush cocomong is 8/10