Maya the Bee: Flower Party – Review

More of a game than an educational tool, Maya the Bee: Flower Party is a way you can learn with a small and clever bee and all of her best friends. There are a number of different topics to learn including memory games, music pieces, number crunch riddles, colours, and skills, all of which can be taught with an element of fun and humour.

It is Maya the Bee’s birthday and you must help her celebrate by preparing a party that she’ll never forget. You will of course be invited and the kinds of things you’ll need to help her prepare with are the decorations, which friends to invite along, what foods should be served and any other small surprises you might hold when throwing a birthday party celebration. There are six different categories for arranging the best birthday bash a bee could ever have and the tools will help your child learn and develop in a fun and humorous way.


Slowly but surely the celebrations and events that will take place at Bee’s birthday party will start to take shape. There may be Chinese paper lanterns, dancing guests, and of course a lavish finger buffet for all the guests to enjoy once they sit down to eat.

There really will be plenty to discover for your child because the guests and many of the objects will react to what your child does to them on screen. The animations are heart-warming and whimsical and will entertain your child in a humorous way while they learn the skills of preparation, thus ensuring your child has endless hours of fun.

Once your child completes the tasks that are set before them, they are rewarded with new elements that become unlocked and ready to use. These rewards give the child the incentive to well in their skills and prepare the best party ever for Bee and her friends.


There are six mini games within the app that include helping one of Bee’s friends Willy to serve the food in the correct fashion. You can also play hide and seek with little Lara, read the thoughts of Flip, and find the matching pairs in a memory game developed by Bee’s friend Ben. Your child can also dance at the party with Maya, Flip and Ben and draw some new decorations to add to the party’s ambience and celebrations.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Maya the Bee: Flower Party is 8/10, beautiful graphics with some amazing gameplay.