StoriesAlive – The Library App of Interactive and Award Winning Children Stories: Review

StoriesAlive has to be the largest collection of award winning and interactive stories for children aged between 3 and 8. The app is free to download and includes a host of award winning titles ranging from the all-time classics to the best-selling latest books. The first six stories are absolutely free for you to use as your trial starter.

Some of the titles include The Giant, Miko Goes on Vacation, Edsel’s New Car and Come Again, Pelican. Stories Alive is a one stop solution for your children to learn and have fun reading some classic tales and stories that will offer hours of entertainment this Christmas.


Most of the stories are well selected and carefully designed with your child in mind. There are many stories from award winning authors such as Dean Koontz, Don Freeman and Suse MacDonald. Your child can create and fun and exciting world by personalizing the way the stories unfold and are read.

Every story your child reads comes with many optional interactive features including the opportunity to personalize and create stories of their own. The voice and the text of each story can be amended by your very own child and makes this story telling app a real unique app in itself. This should in turn encourage your child to relate more to the story they are reading and encourage them to read more than they normally would.

Stories Alive comes from a digital publisher of children’s apps that has won more awards than any other, so you know you are buying into a great app here. Furthermore, the library of new titles is growing by the week with new titles being added all the time. Currently there are more than 140 titles in the files to choose from, all of which are suitable for children aged between 3 and 8.

If you are really happy with the app and want to engage on a more regular basis, then you will have the opportunity to become a regular monthly subscriber, which will unlock hundreds of stories to you and your child, in addition of course the free six stories that come with the app when you first download the free version.


The other great feature we found with Stories Alive was that once you download a story to your app, you will not need to be connected to the internet to open that book up again.

iPhoneGlance Rating is 9/10, amazing collection of interactive kids title, beautifully designed and keep the kids entertained for hours.