Word Search Gold, possibly the best word search/word find puzzle app available and it’s free

If you are looking for the best quality word search or word puzzle game then Word Search Gold will pretty much tick all the right boxes. You can play endless, high quality, and unique puzzles right here on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The great thing we found about Word Search Gold is that each of the puzzles is unique, so you won’t find you are fixing a puzzle and thinking that you may have already achieved the same puzzle many months earlier.


There are three levels of difficulty, so once you find you have achieved the easier levels you can move up to more challenging aspects of the game. The word lists come from several different categories, many of which you will instantly recognize. Furthermore, there is a score card where you can see your progress, which is designed to work on a local level, or display that player who has been the best over the past 24 hours.

The graphics are very high quality and the general puzzle of the game is to find all of the hidden words, which can be great fun, if you love that kind of thing. World Search Gold is a method by which one can easily improve their vocabulary, spelling, and concentration skills. It can also be a great way for anyone to prepare for those English language exams that come around every term.

Basically there are a number of themes by which players to select from. These include Oktoberfest, Christmas, winter, Jungle, Maya, and Space or Coral Reef. As well as the numerous themes available there are also a huge amount of categories to choose from. Word Search Gold has the usual popular categories such as Basic English, English, Boys Names, and Girls Names but also has many more categories that you would be surprised to see included in there.

The categories are wide ranging and can include food and leisure, animals, the city, health, home, nature, people, society, famous brands, famous movies and slang; and that’s just some of the categories we have listed, there many, many more to play around with.


There is a 24-hour leader board system in place, or if you prefer, you can simply check who is winning in the local area. The difficulty levels do make the puzzles harder; for example, on the highest level you can expect to see many words going diagonally instead of up or down.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Word Search Gold is 6/10. Great graphics and if you’re looking for a word search game to keep you occupied on a long journey then this app will be right. However the initial load of the app on my iPhone 5s took a long time, it seem to have gotten stuck on the splash screen. In fact, i had to remove the app and reinstall to get it going. This was my experience and i’m not sure if anyone else got this.