MP3 Voice Recorder: Review

Have you ever been in one of those situations when you listened to a great lecture and needed to go back and listen again to some of those important notes, or have you ever been out with friends and someone tells a great joke, but you being you – they just do not stay in the memory?

Now you can record these speeches, jokes, amazing tales and voices that you just need to hear again with the MP3 voice recorder. Imagine the convenience it would bring you if you could record these ideas and put them down on an MP3 voice recording that you could easily play back at a later stage.


It can be fabulous to record those voices that you hear when you speak to that new friend you met at a local restaurant or bar. You can play back the dialogue and cringe at the comments you made and where it all went wrong – or right. The MP3 Voice recorder is a brilliant tool for those business persons who are on the move and just don’t have the time to jot down notes on a piece of paper.

It can also be a useful tool for recording places that you have visited and it would only be as discreet as talking into your iPhone. The general public would not know that you are effectively talking to yourself, so you can document in audio the very words of every place you visited and of each item you purchased there.

There are many great features on this MP3 Voice Recorder app including excellent sound quality, one touch recording, and one touch stop and save. The recordings can be stored in two different file formats including MP3 formats, naturally and RAW format, it’s your choice.

The MP3 Voice Recorder also has voice memos, voice emails, and a recorder timer that allows you to play back at any point of your recording. Each file gets its own separate name and it will even record sound that is in the background.


The MP3 Voice Recorder is an ideal solution to put down all your thoughts together in one place so you can play them back whenever you want. Every recording is given a date and time stamp, so you can easily go straight back to that event at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you will only need a USB cable to transfer your audio files straight onto your Mac.

iPhoneGlance Rating MP3 Voice Recorder is 7/10, great app with a very simple user interface.