Tittat share your opinion freely – Review

Tittat is an app where people can share their opinions on you and people you may be interested in by anonymous users. You do not need to be a registered user in order to be discussed at Tittat. Users will share their opinions, their interests and experiences about famous people who are not actually on Tittat.

In other words, you may hesitate in registering so that you do not anyone discussing things about you. But wait a minute and you may just find that people are already talking about you because you may well be already logged in the database because some of your friends or family members are already discussing things about you.


But you may be thinking by now that Tittat is just some slanderous, defamatory place for anonymous users to spread malicious gossip and libellous half-truths, well you could not be more wrong as Tittat adopts a strict code of conduct on all its users banning any hate speech, slander, insult or defamation. Your opinions are anonymous but not when you are being slanderous or hurtful in your comments and opinions.

Constructive criticism is allowed but any attempt to be nasty will see you thrown off site, or worse legally responsible for the things you say online. With many users of the micro-blogging website Twitter facing law suits for defamation and slanderous remarks, it would be just as well that users of Tittat also adhere strictly to the rules and keep it nice and clean. Remember, just because you are anonymous does not mean impunity.

Tittat is essentially a social networking tool that lets you give opinions about other people that you know or are in the public profile. You may want to discuss on things like the latest Premier League football manager to be sacked, your next door neighbours new patio, the new baby that your friends down the road have just had or you may want to form an opinion on a loved one or a family member’s new boyfriend or girlfriend.


It would be great to see what other people are saying about you and although you just don’t know who is actually saying it, surely it would be good to know that the new brown hair colour you just had looked better when it was blonde, or that new goatee beard that you are now sporting is a big hit with the girls, know what I mean?

iPhoneGlance Rating of Tittat is 8/10, great concept, easy to use UI, could improve on the graphics but overall great.