World of Cheese HD – Christmas Edition – Great Puzzle Adventure For Kids and the Whole Family – Free Download

Are you ready for a new hit game, just in time for christmas? World of Cheese HD just came out with their christmas edition! This fun game has a ton of new stuff. With 7 diffirent stages and tons of puzzles to solve, World of Cheese is a very good game.

World of Cheese HD is a terrific puzzle game. I say puzzle but it’s really more of a tasked game. It’s easily played and very well made. Its the type of game you can sit down on the couch and play while just relaxing. The game is also great for the little ones. The game is very easy to control, and very well designed. Your objective is to put things together for the mouse to get a slice of cheese for is family. Sound simple, but the game will actually leave you thinking hard on what task you need to do next in order to get this cheese. You will also want to do the tasks in few moves as possible. Tasks will range from putting baubles on a christmas tree to digging through the  snow outside to find the snowman carrot nose or charcoal buttons.


The graphics in World of Cheese are very cartoonish. The cute cartoonish graphics really round off the game. With the amazingly catchy music, World of Cheese HD is easily a well polished game. This game is highly addictive and very relaxing. If you are looking for a game that you can easily sit down and play while relaxing, World of Cheese HD is the game for you!


Overall, World of Cheese is a great game. The graphics are amazing, the music is very well done, and the gameplay is tremendous. Its a game that took a basic fun idea and polished it into a masterpiece. I highly recommend World of Cheese HD to anyone looking for a great fun new game to play at home or on the go!

iPhoneGlance Rating: 9/10 – Absolutely brilliant concept, a very well made game. Overall, very awesome game!