myGolfstats + GPS a Prefect Golf App – Review

myGolfStats + GPS could just about be the perfect gift for golf lovers and players anywhere. It provides the same stats that the pros get, and fortunately it’s very easy to use. Last year this app was a paid for application and was one the top 10 per cent for sales in the app chart for non-gratis apps. But although free to download you will have to play to get the best use of it. The cost is $2.99 paid twice a year, but when you see that is maintains more than 33,000 courses worldwide, has no in-app purchases, no ads, fitted with GPS, and handicap stats, you’ll agree it’s not really such a bad price to pay.golf_stats_1

We have seen similar golf stat apps that cost as much as $10 or $15 per year, and there is a hand held device, which pretty much does about the same kind of thing as My Golf Stats + GPS, which would set you back an eye watering $150! So, if you are looking for value then you will pretty much do worse than to get My Golf Stats on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

So let’s have a look at what is in the guts of this app; for starters you will have complete scoring statistics including your score, putts, sand saves, scrambling, driving and GIR. It can work for up to four players at a time, so you and your golfing buddies can all compare stats together at the 19th hole after the game.

The app has a GPS service and a database with over 33,000 courses where you’ll find a scorecard, distance to hazards like bunkers and the drink, and it points out where the pin locations on the green and whether they are situated in the centre, back or front of the green. You’ll also have a handicap card and a USGA handicap available.


So with your GPS you will have a scorecard for up to four players, a round summary of all stats, handicap card, money shots, occasional tips, club distances to help you select the right iron, driver or wedge, graphs of your scores and the ability to share your stats or round scores on Facebook or Twitter.

iPhoneGlance Rating of myGolfstats + GPS is 8/10, It’s a very solid app with neat and tidy graphics that are easy to read and understand; definitely one for the golfing community among you out there.