Penkie Pop iPhone Review

Penkie Pop is the latest fun, adventure game to hit the iPhone application gaming market. The basic premise of the game is that you have to steer Penkie, the playful penguin protagonist of this game, through a series of obstacles. Sure, the idea of a steering fun character through a playful series of obstacles is hardly ground breaking, but nor does it have to be –if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And although Penkie Pop might edge towards the predictable, this doesn’t stop the game being a whole lot of fun.


Graphics and sound

This is essentially a 3D running game, and considering the price, the visuals are actually pretty slick. Throughout this running game, you will navigate Penkie through a series of well designed arctic landscapes as you attempt to set Penkie free from this colder climate, allowing him to experience warmer climes. The sound quality is great, using a fun soundtrack throughout that is completely in keeping with the ethos of the game. Penkie himself also makes cute sounds when he collects quartz – the token used throughout.


One of the best things about Penkie Pop is that it very simply makes you want to keep on playing. There is a relentlessness to this game that propels you from task to task and level to level, and before you know it, you have spent hours playing. The basic aim is to collect as many quartz as possible – a simple yet effective motivator. And to get your hands on those quartz, you can ride rockets, unleash bullets to clear the path in front of you, and dodge flying boulders and snowballs. As you progress with the game you can unlock more advanced elements such as special wind bullet weapons:  twin cyclones, stone bursters and platinum blizzards. Plus, you can use your collected quartz to obtain special power-ups within the game.

Social media integration

The element of social media integration in Penkie Pop is especially smart. With this game, you have the opportunity to connect with friends and compete against each other to get achieve the highest Penkie Pop score.



All in all, Penkie Pop is an extremely playable game with a fantastic sense of fun even if it is not the most original creation. Teenagers and young iPhone app users will especially enjoy the playfulness and social media integration, but the high quality graphics and sound could make this an enjoyable gaming experience for any iPhone owner.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Penkie Pop is 7/10, great fun, truly original but there could be some improvement on the graphics.