Common Ground – the fun new word game: Review

Another new word game that is both fun and compelling to play. Common Ground is where players have to compete to discover words from another category containing matching letter sequences. The longer your sequence, the more points in the bag you attain. It’s the kind of game that is words with letters in common that should be played with friends, and all you need is a bit of common sense, a degree of general knowledge and a sharp mind and you will excel at Common Ground.


There are literally thousands of items from thousands of pairs of categories that randomly collide to give you virtually limitless challenges to overcome. In this one free app there are four different modes that you can choose from.

  • You can head to head with another player you select from the Apple Game Centre. This is a great way to get yourself up on the leader board and show the world you are the Common Ground master!
  • Pass and Play is a mode where you and one other person, perhaps a friend or family member, pass your device back and forth between yourselves. Common Ground can be downloaded onto the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • You can also play solitaire where you will pit your wits against five challenges and you will have unlimited time to reach the top score. This is perhaps the best way to get into training for Common Ground as it will help you get the hang of the game and you can always play against the clock when you think you are good and ready for it.
  • Speed Challenge is one mode where you do play against the clock and this is the best mode to practice your quick-thinking strategies. The Speed Challenge is you playing and working against the clock but it is great practice for making you think on your feet.


In the game, there are two random categories presented before you, along with an item from the first category. Players must then attempt to come up with an item from the second category whose word contains a matching sequence of letters. Common Ground is rather easy to play and can certainly have an educational slant to it too as you have to think hard and quickly to see where the common ground lies. Basically you will have two words where you’ll need to discover the common ground.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Common Ground Game 8/10, great game and surprisingly addictive.