Falling Words – Realtime Multiplayer Word Game: Review

If you love doing crosswords, playing scrabble or generally tampering around with word games then Falling Words is a real time multi-player word game where you can pit your words skills against other wordsmiths around the world. It’s exciting, captivating, educational and brilliantly competitive. Falling Words is a word building game where you will have to build words and do so with speed and accuracy in an environment that is bound to provide endless hours of excitement and highly charged competitive battle.


You will need to concentrate and think on your feet for this game; furthermore you will need good hand to eye coordination, strategy and the ability to hit the ground running. You will have to try and maximize your score while racing against the clock as Falling Words really does pick your brains to the limit.

There are three separate game modes available in Falling Words:

  • You can play just you against the computer which will help you practice and get right for when you do battle with real live players from around the world. This is the place we recommend you start and play your first few games; look at it as a kind of training exercise when you want to hone your skills for the real battle that awaits
  • Play against friends and family and challenge them to a real time match. This should be your next stage where you can practice pitting your skill and strategy against family members or close chums.
  • When you have mastered your friends and family and trained hard under the guidance of the computer, you should be ready to take on the might of the wordsmiths from all around the world. To find an opponent you need only look online and all available players will be listed. Expect to challenge and be challenged when playing in this mode.

There are many perks in the game including the opportunity to steal a letter. This is where you click to nick a letter from your opponent’s board. Best you get their best letter though, which will hopefully stop them in their tracks making that great word up!


You can also use a number of other features in Falling Words to get ahead of your opponent. These include a chance to force your opponent to reveal their letters and use a blank letter to fill out that missing one you need and remove unwanted letters.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Falling Words is 8/10, great graphics and amazing game play.