High School Spanish – 5 Essential Tools to Study Spanish & Learn Vocabulary: Review

If you want or need to study Spanish then High School Spanish is the perfect app to have in your pocket. It has been developed by Spanish teachers, and gives students exactly what they need to learn this wonderful language. Moreover, if you can get to learn Spanish, it’s often the case that Portuguese comes along so easily to learn too. And with most of Central and South America speaking either Spanish or Portuguese, you’ll soon realize that you are learning a worldwide international language here.


You will have the tools here to learn the Spanish vocabulary and get yourself better grades. This app is designed to help Spanish language students at any level whether it is beginners, intermediate or advance level and comes in five main sections.

The main features of the app are the ability of the student to be able to learn the Spanish vocabulary quickly, a chance to study Spanish grammar topics, preparation for Spanish examinations, test your comprehension skills, test your Spanish reading and listening skills, write Spanish papers swiftly and fluently, quickly translate between English terms and phrases into Spanish (and vice-versa) and learn to speak Spanish with ease.

The first section contains a Spanish dictionary and thesaurus with more than 32,000 entries. Even if you find a word that doesn’t exist in the High School Spanish app, then just use the translate function to built in and find the word that way. The second section is on Spanish grammar where you will learn Spanish verb conjugations. The third section focuses on Spanish writing tips where the student can learn how to write Spanish papers.


The fourth section contains your Spanish flashcards which have been organized for everyday, efficient and easy Spanish study. The app will have already selected the most commonly used Spanish words and phrases and these pre-made flashcards are definitely one of the app’s high points. In the fifth and final section you will find the app puts you to the test. It is in this section where you will learn just much your studies have paid off as you take your tests and exams.

You can test your reading and listening skills with real life comprehension using fiction and non-fiction texts and audio clips. Best of all you can get your scores immediately, and access a “hints” section to help you understand where you went wrong and discover where the real answer is within the given comprehension test.

iPhoneGlance Rating of High School Spanish 8/10, large spanish vocabulary, prefect app to help with learning spanish.