PDF Connect – Annotation, Scanner, Converter, Page Editor and Form Filling: Review

PDF Connect is the best document solution app that has groundbreaking, innovative features that include fast document rendering speeds, particularly for large files. It also has dynamic features that allow one to scan, edit, convert and have cloud support for all your documents.

PDF Connect has a built-in scanner and convertor feature that is something you’ll find in very few PDF apps that we have seen on the market. The scanner allows you to crop, resize, filter and rotate your documents as you see fit. The convertor also supports most of the popular file formats out there and converts them easily into a PDF document.

You can add or delete pages, and simply rearrange them to suit your needs, all the while saving and securing your documents so they are in the cloud and accessible via any platform with an internet connection anywhere in the world. You will never again have to worry about your computer and hard drive crashing and all your documents going down a black hole with it.

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PDF Connect is great at handling large files; it is the developer’s latest strategy and has managed to write its PDF rendering service and its own PDF library that users can make great use of. PDF Connect can customize stamps where users will be able to create box text and image stamps by importing your photos from the device’s own photo library folder.

The Page Edit function allows you to insert different templates, rearrange the order of the pages and delete any pages you deem necessary. The templates mainly consist of linear, music, square and blank but it is the cloud services that come with PDF Connect that impressed us the most.

The Cloud services you can use in PDF Connect would make it compatible to use on the well known Dropbox cloud service as well as the Box, Google Drive, FTP, WebDAV, SugarSync and MyDisk. All cloud services are available for you to store all your PDF documents safely and securely.

There is an opportunity to access your app by Wi-Fi, a USB cable and straight from the cloud services. There is also a way where you can stores files created on PDF Connect and imbed them within other apps