Take The Cake: Match 3 Puzzle – Review

Take the Cake: Match 3 Puzzle is an app has more than 70 magical levels and loads more being added, sometimes on a weekly basis during its updates. The story goes like this: a young girl called Julia had a kitten called Kitty. Now, one day while Julia was busy around the house, Kitty decided to go missing. Distraught and upset, Julia decided to try and locate her beloved kitten by wandering into the magical forest to see if Kitty had somehow got lost in there.

For Julie it was very scary at first and she would have to recruit some of her best friends to be by her side as she hunted through the Magic Forest in her quest to look for Kitty. Her good friends would help Julia and be with her while they search the eerie forest. Going through the Magic Forest was rather scary at first but thanks to her chums Julia was able to take on the task with more confidence as time goes on.


In fact, over time the Magic Forest becomes a place of splendour and real magic as it produces sweets and thrilling adventures to undertake along the way. If Julia passes a series of tests that the Magic Forest sets out for her then she will get closer to finding her beloved Kitty more quickly. As mentioned earlier, there are 70-plus levels and many prizes where sweets are dispensed in the form of graphical cakes and confectionery.

As you hunt through the Magic Forest and search for Kitty you should ask your friends for help along the way. Consuming sweets along the way will boost Julia’s own magical powers and make her task in finding Kitty all the more easier. You can play Take the Cake anywhere you want because the app can be linked directly to your Facebook account allowing you to play anywhere you so wish.

You can also climb up the Magic Strawberry and regularly water it to make it grow, as once at the top you will discover a hidden magical place. The deeper you wander into the forest, the more magic you will encounter. Once inside the deeper, darker regions of the Magic Forest, the more magical the items you will discover. Furthermore, the deeper you go, the more sweets you will be able to collect, and remember that more cakes and sweets help towards the challenge of finding Kitty.