VIPaList – Silence Unwanted Calls & Text Notifications: Review

It’s time you started sorting out the wanted calls from the unwanted calls that come into your iPhone. Are you tired of all those silent calls from marketers and cold calls from companies that just want us to part with our money over some insurance scam that we just don’t want or need? Then it’s time to install VIPaList, an app that will sift the A-list callers from Z-list or blocked callers you could really be doing without.

All unwanted callers are sent silently to your voice mail so that you may view or contact them in your own time. VIPaList will silence all calls while your iPhone is locked and when you unlock your phone you will see a list of all the callers that have tried to ring you and any text messages that have also come through as well.

vipalist_2 vipalist_1

This function can come in very handy if you are attending an important business meeting or a wedding ceremony where your phone absolutely must not ring or go off with a text message notification. Any calls or text messages will be placed on hold until you deem it’s fit to release the phone from its locked status.

VIPaList sets off the “Do Not Disturb” function that is built in your iPhone and adds even more functions and powerful features allowing you to manage your list of favourites (A List) and those that are silenced into the silenced section (D List).

You can even silence calls (or allow calls) when you are at a certain location. For example, it is possible to silence calls whenever the GPS detects you are at school; work, at the cinema, at home, or at a special evening class. So you never have to remember to switch off your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode because VIPaList will do it all for you. Never again will you suffer the embarrassment of your phone going off suddenly during a lecture, in the middle of the best man’s speech at a wedding, during an exam being held at school or half way through a film in the cinema.

VIPaList can also silence calls regardless of where they might come from; whether it is a mobile phone, a land line, voice over internet protocol call (like Skype), Viber, or Tango. If it has a number it can be silenced and it will also silence unknown or unwanted callers too.