Cake Bake Blitz for Tango – Review

This free game from Bubblegum Interactive should keep your younger ones happy and occupied for hours as they play the most delicious game you can get on your iPhone. Cake Bake Blitz for Tango is all about Katy Cupcake and her quest. You will travel to world locations and whisk your way through several appetizing levels of frosted fun as your cake baking skills are stretched to the max. It’s definitely a case having your cake and eating it too. As Cake Bake Blitz is a way where you can challenge friends or family members to a bake off and see who the best baker in the kitchen is.

cake-bake_1 cake_bake_2

With only the very best bakers raising to the occasion it is up to you to be the one! Cake Bake Blitz has many great features including an opportunity to play through 60 perfect puzzling levels, and all for free, a chance to travel all around the world from New York to Cape Town, from Cairo to Los Angeles and from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro. You will be pitched into a bake off with some of the worlds best bakers including Magnifico, Patty Apple Pie, and Big Tony Tiramisu or if you so choose you can play directly against your friends or family via Tango.

You will also be able to unlock scrumptious special moves as you advance in the game and help yourself to a slice of the apple pie and fun when you play Cake Bake Blitz. In the latest version to be released Bubblegum Interactive has added more delicious new levels, baked up some real delicious surprises and fixed many of the bugs that blighted the earlier original versions. Once you get to love this game and enjoying your bake off efforts you will be able to follow Cake Bake Blitz on Twitter and you can also become a fan of its Facebook page and check out a number of hints, tips and share your latest scores. You will also be able to get all the latest updates and news releases on the Facebook page too, so you will be sure to stay ahead in the game.

Cake Bake Blitz is a series of different games with graphics in the cartoon style illustration. There are clear score boards on each level letting the bake off contestants clearly see how much time remains and the current score line.