Alarmy(Sleep If U Can) – Review

Alarmy is an app perfectly suited for those who just cannot get up in the mornings. All too often sleepy head people will switch off their alarms and snooze for another ten minutes and then repeat making them late for work, school or that important meeting. Often alarms are so gentle in sound when waking us up that we just ignore them and carry on snoozing when we should be in the bathroom and rinsing our faces in readiness to face the coming day.

It has been dubbed the “world’s most annoying alarm” because it won’t shut off until you have taken a picture of a certain designated room in your home. Usually this room will be the bathroom but you can select the kitchen (where all your breakfast material will be), either way your alarm will not shut off until that image has been taken of that room by you!

alarmy_1 alarmy_2

The general idea is simple, you will have to get out of bed (otherwise the alarm will keep on going) and physically go to that designated room and take the picture that Alarmy demands! This app comes under the “Lifestyle” category and has reached the number one spot in that category in no less than 33 countries! No doubt millions of people need that extra kick to get up and out of bed in the mornings.

Alarmy has been a big hit in countries like Germany, South Korea and France where sleepy morning dozers are being forced to get up and physically move their slumbering bodies to another designated room in the home. Once there, you will not have the choice to return back to your pit but you’ll have to fumble around with your camera and take a picture. By the time your brain and body have stumbled out of bed and taken that picture you should be wide awake enough to get on with the morning chores and get yourself ready for work or school instead of slumbering for that extra 10 minutes, followed by another 10 in your sack!

To register an image that will shut your alarm off it is possible to take a picture of the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the loo, the bath tub, the cooker, the television in the lounge downstairs or even the ceiling of your own bedroom. Although it’s not recommended you register that place anywhere in your bedroom as this would defeat the object of a challenge to wake you up in the morning.