My iStory — keep a diary of your life: Review

The My iStory app is basically your story. What happens in your daily life, the pains and the gains, the heartfelt moments, the adventures and the everyday mundane chores you do. My iStory is all about your life and what happens on one particular day. You can record your day to day events in words, add pictures, add video, music and even add audio to accompany your news story.

One of the leading app review merchants said that “My iStory” is giving those a precious moment to preserve memories in one way or another. It also identifies the practice as something we have been doing for centuries. But where as in the past diarists would write on papyrus, paper or notepad diaries, we can now document our life story in words, speech, images and video in a media-rich fashion and electronic manner.

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As technology gets better and better, there are many new ways where we can share the memories of our life. My iStory will save all of your entries and store them along with your photos, video and audio clips onto the cloud. This way if you ever lost your device you know that they would be safe and secure via password restricted internet access.

You have to admit that there will be days that you never want to forget. How can you reach back in time to recall these halcyon days? By making an entry into iStory you will be documenting your life and your story as only you could possibly tell it. So, in your very own words you can put down what went on in your life.

It may be your own child’s first steps that you want to record, so why not video the effort and place it on your My iStory app. Imagine 20 years from now when your son or daughter looks back on his or her very first steps that you recorded while on iStory.

You can even import photos from within your photo library should you wish and create your instant diary that will be kept safe forever. It even has the feature to be able to document an eBook where you can showcase that wonderful year you just had, or if you went on that special hiking trip in Africa for two months, why not create a slideshow of that special time in your life? All this and more can be done with iStory.

The new version seems to have some issues, if you have previously own the app then once you update to version 2.0 the app might crash. I’m sure the developers are working on a fix but the app is fine for new users (for me at least).