MyBloc Combines your Social Network Accounts into one App – Review

Now there is a way of viewing your all your social networks online in a creative, compelling and unique kind of way by using the MyBloc app via your iTunes Store. MyBloc combines all of your favourite social network centres together including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will need just one of these accounts on social media opened in order to use MyBloc.

Everything is based around one three-dimensional cube that integrates your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts together in a kind of way you would never have seen before. Each side of the block features a different post or update from Facebook, a tweet from Twitter or a photograph shared on Instagram, so you can view the very latest post on Facebook, followed by the next tweet coming through on Twitter and any images being uploaded by your friends you are following on Instagram, all in one block. It means you will never have to log in over and over again to your individual social network accounts just to see all the latest feeds, images uploaded and tweets that are coming through.

mybloc_1 mybloc_2

It is possible to be on the main block within the app and see all three network accounts with the latest post rotate or alternatively, you can filter the post by going to your individual account at the top left of the screen and flipping to the bottom of the cube. Facebook, for example will display all the news feeds where you will see your friends’ latest posts and images, their wall, any photos uploaded and current status updates. Then simply turn around the cube or block to see Instagram and any feed, your photos, news updates, feeds, most popular images and any images uploaded from people nearby or within your local post code or zip area.

Twitter can also be accessed on the block to see any of the latest updates from those you are following, your own tweets, any mentions you may have received and retweets that have been secured on your behalf. You can literally sit back and watch the block rotate to display all the latest information pumping through from these three very popular social network sites.

For the time being MyBloc will only rotate through these three social websites but the app has promised new information, regular updates and the possibility in the near future of other social networking sites being available on the bloc.

MyBloc is a great concept, the app cost $0.99. Considering that all the official social network apps are free it might be hard for some to fork out the money for the app. I guess the good thing about MyBloc is that you won’t have to leave the app to see each social network.