Blockapp a Tetris like Puzzle app – Review

Blockapp is a free game is a favourite puzzle-style game that let’s you clear lines and collect your coins. The app is touted as beautiful, elegant and fine and we found it to be pretty much addictive and compelling to play. Each tile becomes a coin once it is eliminated and your task is to collect them all before they disappear.

There are a number of progressive levels in Blockapp and you do get the feel that you are playing an old-style game similar to the classics such as Tetris, Pacman and other block style games. Here you will not find any obstacles getting in your way, so you are unlikely to be pulling your hair out in frustration and there is no weird stuff that deserves high levels of strategy.

Therefore Blockapp is the kind of game that is ideal for simple reflex actions rather than complicated strategies that tax your mind and actions. You can start off Blockapp by playing through easy levels at first, which helps players get used to the game and once you have become a bit of an expert you can advance through to some of the more professional levels and become a tycoon with great skills.


However, there are many variations where you can play some strategic levels such as the Booster versus the Shields game. Here the Booster is a new way to improve your match before you start running the game. Each and every Boost is unlimited and randomly placed within the match. The Shields are shortcuts and consumable so as to optimize the structure of the stack. The stacks (of coins) fall down from above and remember it’s up to you to clear your lines and collect your coins.

One of the more pleasurable aspects of playing Blockapp is there are no time limits on the game where you will be forced to try and get the stacks cleared within two or three minute windows. So you can take all the time you need and your score is not wiped clean just because you have put the game down for a few hours or more.

The app works on your iPhone, iPad and on the iOS 5.1 right through to the iOS 7 platform. There are new tools coming in all the time to bring you up to the next level of skills and a mega pack is available at just $1.99 if you need to enrich the experience of playing Blockapp.