Download Meter – track Data Usage and avoid Data Plan Overage: Review

This finance app is one that will help you to stay within your limits of your mobile phone data plan. Have you ever been in a contract with your mobile phone provider and found that the free minutes, call data usage and internet access is just not enough? With Download Meter you can keep tabs on when you are getting close to running out of your free time and allowing you to take the opportunity to slow down before your provider starts hitting you with excess charges.

Whether you are using a LTE, 4G or 3G phone you are likely to save quite a few dollars on this one. It has its uses in just about any country in the world and is consistently listed among the top 10 Most Popular Utilities App in almost 60 countries worldwide.

Moreover, it’s rather simple to use; just add the data limit of your mobile phone plan and the billing cycle date, and this app automatically notifies you when you begin to get close to the limit. It will warn you when you are around 75 percent used up on your data usage and give you further warnings as you approach 90 percent and 95 percent. However, it is possible to set the warnings as you so require.

download_meter_2 download_meter_1

Providing you stay within your limit you will never pay a penny more than your standard monthly fee for your mobile phone. But it’s nice to know that we can make full use 9of our data plan usage to the full without going beyond our limits and paying astronomically high fees just to browse the net or use data.

You don’t even have to open the app to get warnings that you are sailing close to the wind in your data usage. The app automatically kicks in and warns you when you are near. There is also an icon feature that will constantly display the percentage of data you have left and the megabyte reading of any data already consumed.

The Download Meter app works just about anywhere in the world, regardless of provider, and it does not matter which carrier you use. You also don’t need to log in and enter a password every time you set the data limits up. Everything just works out automatically. And the other great thing is that the app calculates in real time with precision reading within just one byte!