TaoMix – Create your own Ambiance for Relaxation, Meditation or Yoga: Review

TaoMix is a free Health and Fitness aid that helps you create your very own evolving ambience for yoga, meditation or relaxation. The reason this app is so different from other apps that play us relaxing musical sounds is that it has a wonderful intuitive interface. It simply is so easy to use, and after all, the last thing you would want when listening to an ambient mix, is trying to work out how the thing operates.

Taomix is neat and has a minimalist design which allows the unique possibility of being able to listen to sounds in a speed that you have chosen and a style that you have tailored. The sounds will always evolve randomly but the theme is up to you. So, whether you are indulging in some quiet meditation, trying out certain yoga positions or simply relaxing at home with a book on a Sunday afternoon, then it’s up to TaoMix to help you drift into this state more easily.

taomix_1 taomix_2

The idea is to let your body get carried away, float off down an imaginary river or drift among the stars with sounds that will be randomly changing each time you play them. So, whether you are looking to hear that perfect ambiance for your deep state of relaxation and meditation sessions, to practice yoga, enhance your concentration in readiness for that exam or driving test, or simply because you love the sound of nature, TaoMix is tailor made for you.

The main features of TaoMix are that you, as its user, can easily create your own unique and relaxing ambient sounds. The ambient sounds you hear will evolve with random precision over the course of time and there are a number of high quality sounds to listen to. You can even use the timer to switch the app off if you intend to drift off to sleep and listen to those thought-provoking ambient chimes as you nod off into the land of slumber.

You can even use TaoMix while actively using another app at the same time, so whether you are updating your Facebook or Twitter pages, or chatting away to a distant relative on Skype’s app, listen and enjoy the pleasant sounds that TaoMix can provide as you work on the go.

You can even mix up to three different sounds together, allowing for a number of great combinations. Particularly useful is to add the slow chimes in to play over some relaxing sounds of the meadow.