Want some fast paced, challenging and hours of gameplay, grab Bouncers Adventures: Review

Do you love a bit of an adventure and some bouncing balls? The Bouncers adventure could well be the gaming app to keep you occupied and addicted to this fast-paced challenging platform that provides a number of difficult jumps and a host of challenges along the way.

There are more than 30 challenges, plenty of power-ups, a number of achievements (over 35 and counting) to complete and a staggering 30 different levels, with more levels coming soon in new updates. Bouncer’s Adventures has several hours of game play already on its platform and there will surely be more to come when the app updates. So why not download the app and let your adventure begin?

There are a number of great features on Bouncer’s Adventures including a World Scoring feature where you can compare how well you are doing against everyone else. All of your achievements will be listed and there are 30 levels at the moment with a promise of more to come. All the updates that come through are free and the only fee you will have to pay is the 99c download tariff.

bouncers_2 bouncers_1

The latest version features enhanced graphics and a fix on an issue where the game did used to freeze after customers purchased one of the in-app games. The top in-app purchase on Bouncer’s Adventures happens to be the 25,000 Bouncer in-app purchase, which will set you back another 99c. Playing Bouncer’s Adventures is easy, as all you need to do is tap and play!

Among the 30 levels of exciting bouncing game play you will find a streaming, moving landscape where you will need to bounce your balls onto ships, carriers’ and logs holding freight. There are also a number of diverse worlds where you can change the background colours, move through more challenging levels and choose your very own character to play as. There are so many different characters to choose from including a sporty type, football, Abraham Lincoln icon, soccer ball, geek, policeman, cowboy, punk, professor or Chinese man among others.

So if you are looking for an adventure with many bouncing balls and plenty of achievements to fulfil then Bouncer’s Adventures should tick all those boxes for you. We find this game the perfect back seat car game for those long journeys or just something to keep your youngsters occupied while they improve their strategy and game play.