The fastest and most simple way to save money on your energy bill with iPhone app Snapt – Review

Snapt is an app that has been developed by the household name of; they are the ones with those loveable meerkats who appear just about every night on our television sets promoting a website where you can save money on just about everything from car insurance, gas and electricity bills, internet providers, life assurance and holidays.

Using Snapt is an excellent way of taking all the hard work out of searching through different energy providers and calculating which one is likely to be cheaper for you. We all know that our energy bills are a nightmare when trying to understand all the figures and kilowatt per hour fees plus the standing charges too. Snapt offers a simple solution because all you have to do is to take a picture of your latest energy bill using your iPhone or iPad camera and the app will take out all that hard slog in comparing the best prices and lowest bills for you.

snapt_1 snapt_2

Energy prices are rising at such a pace that we are now paying three times as much for our gas and electricity than we were doing just a decade ago. We know your wages will not have gone up three-fold in the last 10 years, so finding the cheapest energy provider is now of great importance if you want to keep your revenue and household bills in check. Snapt helps because it will send you back a list of competitive gas and electricity providers and show you which one is cheapest based on what energy you have already used (the information from your bill).

There are no forms to fill in and no figures to put down anywhere as the app as all the information it will need can be sourced from your photo image that you take of your bill. Energy prices are astronomically high and the app claims to be able to help as many as 84 percent of all energy customers across Britain to save money by switching to a provider that offers lower tariffs.

As much as 10 percent of all customers that used the website to switch their electricity and gas providers between the beginning of October and the end of November 2013 could have save as much as £350 on average on their annual energy bill. Also, when you do decide to switch, Snapt will do all the switching for you and give you a free meerkat toy.