Mobile Gaming Challenge: iPhone vs Android

There are dozens of high-end mobile phone handsets that double up as formidable gaming devices. But there is one question that still haunts gamers’ minds everywhere: which mobile platform is best for gaming?

Currently, the choice is pretty much Apple versus Android, and every gamer has to make that decision. In this article, we pit the two platforms head-to-head to find out which one emerges the winner.

Hey, good looking!

Right off the bat, the iPhone stuns with its good looks, thanks to the sleek aluminium unibody casing and iconic design. While bigger Android handsets tend to pack in a lot more width; the iPhone offsets this by being slimmer and therefore fits more snuggly in a gamer’s hands.

However, a wider phone means larger screen size, and in this area, Android phones seem to have the upper hand. Think of the Samsung Galaxy Note, with its gargantuan 5.7-inch screen, and you’ll get the picture. It’s great to watch movies and play games like life of brian slot. Games look at their best on big screens, and Android phones certainly deliver in this scenario.

Overall winner: Tie

Game till you drop

The iPhone 5S boasts a dual core 64-bit A7 chip that is a first in mobile devices. The processing power of the iPhone is unrivalled and has been consistently improved with each new model.

There’s a huge variety of Android models in the market, with wide-ranging specs; hardcore gamers typically have to choose from half a dozen premium Android handsets to find their perfect gaming device. Apple, on the other hand, cuts through the chase by offering the very best for gamers in one, inimitable device.

Gaming on mobile can get quite intense and you can’t afford to go out of steam in the middle of your play. Battery-wise the iPhone excels again with almost 10 hours of battery life; plenty of time to finish your game or practice topping your high score. Again, Android devices vary hugely and each handset has a different power and battery-life profile.

Overall winner: iPhone

Lots of apps in the sea

The undisputed king of apps remains Apple with its massive App Store that carries millions of apps, from platformers to puzzles games to casino and gambling.

But gaming apps aren’t only for playing. You can turn your mobile into a profit-making machine by playing online poker or slots and winning money. Many popular games, like Candy Crush and Clash of Titans, let you buy stuff on your mobile to upgrade your gaming experience, how nice would it be to earn something back?

iPhone is the big player in the mobile casino and poker gaming arena; all the big betting companies have released their own apps on the App Store. These apps let you set up an account in minutes and play against other players or participate in tournaments for a chance to win a lot of money.

Android is quickly catching up, however, and over the past few years has made big strides in expanding the choice of apps on Google Play although not necessarily for mobile gambling.

Overall winner: iPhone

Playing outside the box

Mobile phone gaming is great, but when paired up with other devices it becomes truly awesome. Using your mobile phone as a controller or a HUD-type device whilst enjoying all the action on the big screen is a natural consequence of increased connectivity between devices.

Android really sets the example here due to its more open-source nature. Dozens of TV manufacturers have released TV sets that operate on Android and therefore can readily sync with an Android mobile device via Bluetooth.


iPhone sadly lags behind in this respect, and the difference is compounded further by the much wider compatibility of Android mobile phones with peripherals like gamepads and joysticks. Apple mobile phone peripherals tend to be more limited and much more expensive.

Overall winner: Android

Gamer takes all

It is clear that from Apple’s point of view the user is the primary point of reference when designing their mobile phone. For this reason, the iPhone is made to be intuitive and as easy to use as possible. Android still carries the stigma of being somewhat geekier and comparatively more difficult to navigate.

The iPhone provides plenty of opportunities for younger gamers to be entertained as well. There are plenty of child-friendly games and apps in the App Store, something which is sorely lacking in Google’s app marketplace.

Overall winner: iPhone

No need to carry quarters, your game is in your pocket

So there you have it. The iPhone clearly trumps Android in four out of five key areas of mobile phone gaming. It has the right looks, it’s powerful, an immense choice of gaming apps and puts you – the gamer – squarely in charge of the action. Have you made up your mind yet? Enjoy your gaming experience on the go and let the fun follow you wherever you are.