urFonts – Create personal handwritten fonts: Review

urFonts is an app that helps you to personalize your own font and use it in correspondence or wherever you choose to display it. Have you ever tirelessly sifted through a number of different font styles and just could not decide which one suits your mood best? Now with urFonts you can create your own style with an easy to use interface that allows you to select each letter of the alphabet in your own unique way.

It’s a bit like designing a new font entirely, and one that you and only you have created. Once you have created your unique font style you can give it a name and use it any time you want to type out text on your iPad. You will need to use this app on the iPad and have at least version 6.0 or later as your iOS.

Your unique text style can be used in SMS text messages, emails, Word documents or within your own spreadsheets. You can even write your own letter on urLetters and the app will mail it off for you! You can even download your own font style and use it in computer programs of any nature.


All font styles that you have personally created can be shared directly among all your friends or family by downloading this $2.99 app. No longer will you have to spend tens of dollars downloading special font styles from developers or browse through the standard styles that are so often limited to same old boring features.

You can add your own unique font style and use it on your computer as its main style. You can also create as many different fonts as you wish, so you may have one specifically to use in your emails, one for your SMS texts and another to use for your computer programs.

You will have to register your personal account and log in each time and then you can get bust drawing your characters using the easy to use design tools. We found urFonts to be very dynamic and simple to create and you can very easily use your new fonts together with the urLetters app and create handwritten letters and notecards to friends and family directly on your iPad.

The latest update on urFonts has vast improvements to the exported font styles and better guides when drawing glyphs. If you are after a new font style, this app will show you how to create something YOU have created in your unique style.