Envylope, Organise your money with ease

Envylope developed by husband and wife team Amit and Bandhna, is an app where you can organise your money envelopes with ease and efficiency during big events such as weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and other large celebrations. Envylope helps you to keep it simple and records every person that you have given an envelope to, as well as received from.

Included in the information is a list of what monies were exchanged between friends and at which event. This would actually be a priceless app for a wedding planner, or someone that is destined to help organise many different events.

As well as making a list of money exchanges, Envylope can also record all the gifts you and your partner have catalogued as wedding presents you would like for that special day. The guests would be ticked off and the gift registered by the app, so you will always know who bought what, and when. If the event is for money exchanges then the app will record which members of your family or friends gave what.

Another handy feature is that you can save the data recorded on the app and never again will you turn up for a friend’s wedding with less money in your envelope than you received from them (or more even).


Envylope has many different and dynamic features including a simple and intuitive interface and an ability to quickly add entries. The dates are very easy to select and adding detail such as who has given, when they have given and what is given is simple and straightforward to use.

Envylope also supports many different currencies such as the euro, dollar, pound and Yen, so it can pretty much use throughout the world. Furthermore, it’s not just for weddings and birthday parties but a whole host of events that are popular in some countries yet not in others.

When you enter regular names the app will auto-complete the fields as it gets to learn your regular entries and you can easily filter all data by name, date or event. There is also a quick search filter that will let you search for any given name and display those entries accordingly.  But what we liked was the timeline feature which enables you to view the entire history of given or received money envelopes.

Envylope is extremely useful for brides and grooms to store an entire summary of received cash, making it difficult for tight relatives to get away with giving too little. The status of each entry is clearly displayed in bold showing a clear indication of whether the sum has been given or received.