TouchCopy, Copy music, messages, photos and more to your computer from your iPhone

TouchCopy has got to be part of your software if you are one of those that used to own a rich library of music and video on iTunes and has now somehow lost it. Many of us have replaced our computers over the past three or four years and moved into the tablet market or began computing on our smartphones. Others have replaced computers just to upgrade and keep pace with all the latest operating systems and more powerful computers that have swamped onto the market.

It is during this process that millions of us have lost touch with that iTunes library that we once had. TouchCopy will need to look into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and retrieve the content from there; once it has done so it will then restore it to your iTunes library. So whether its music, photos, apps or videos that are spread across your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now restore all that content directly onto your iTunes library, and once more have it looking just the way it used to when you first began building it.

TouchCopy has a very clever little feature in it that prevents iTunes from re-synchronizing your device while TouchCopy is actually running. It is not just your music that will be restored to your iTunes library but all those voice mails, SMS messages, notepad entries, calendar entries, contacts, iBooks, games, podcasts, playlists and videos too.


There is a free download available if your have a Mac or a PC and TouchCopy works with all models on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is compatible with iOS6, iOS7 and iTunes 11. So if you have recently had to replace your computer or you may have had to reinstall your operating system, you may have come across certain issues when connecting your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

The iTunes library contains none of your music, playlists or videos and could even try to format your device. But thankfully, TouchCopy helps you overcome this and quickly and safely transfers all your music, video and all those other important files back to your iTunes library.

Using TouchCopy means all the data that is on your iPod at the moment stays safely where it is. This is because TouchCopy prevents iTunes from going through that annoying synchronization process while it is running. TouchCopy is also able to maintain a back-up of all your audio and video files too.