PhoneClean, Keeps your iPhone Clean and Even Protects Privacy – Review

Most users would agree that after some time of using their phone, it becomes noticeably slower and would take too much time in running the apps. This is usually because the system had accumulated a lot of files that eats up most of the disk space in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It is necessary to understand a number of the security risks involved with using a iPhone and to be aware of the offered applications that help to stay your iPhone and your personal data safe from prying eyes. iMobie PhoneClean could simply solve this problem for you.

An app PhoneClean for iPhone is one of the best ways to unclutter the files in your phone system and make it run faster. Also, because it frees up disk space, the iPhone performance can significantly improve. Apps will run faster and doing your tasks will become swifter.

Here are why PhoneClean is very useful for you :

– Get rid of duplicate files and multiple copies of music, videos, and photos. You’ll unknowingly create copies of your files especially once you create playlists, renaming files, and multiple downloads of the same files.

– Delete log and cache files coming from numerous programs like the chat and email apps. These applications fill up the log and cache directory pretty fast.

– Remove old backups. create updated backups and delete those older ones that are no longer necessary.

– Boosts up iPhone running speed and the whole performance with just 1 click

– The only iDevice utility that offers quick and essential privacy caring service

– Gives you an all-around and risk-free iOS cleaning and optimization solution

PhoneClean does not only do the things that might give you plenty of disk space. This free app cleaner for iPhone can even help protect your system by scanning downloaded files and discover viruses and malware.

PhoneClean is the best solution if you’re looking for an easy means to improve your iPhone performance. Freeing up disk space and ridding your system from malware will refresh your system and help achieve its best performance.

There are business license of PhoneClean available. There is also a windows version for users of PC.