Schedule Ninja makes organizing, managing and communicating with your teams, clubs and co-workers easy and even fun – Review

Schedule Ninja is a free and easy to use app that will work perfectly in conjunction with any smartphone or tablet, and is the one stop solution to scheduling just about anything from managing, team meetings, courses, interviews, appointments, targets and even communication. But it’s not all so staid as you can easily have a great deal of fun with this app as Schedule Ninja makes organizing, managing and communicating with your teams, clubs and fellow co-workers easy and even fun.

Schedule Ninja works perfectly in conjunction with a range of other popular online organizational platforms; like iCal, Microsoft Outlook or G-Mail Calendar for example. It’s very easy to synch the information on these tools with your Schedule Ninja to make it more powerful, dynamic and convenient.

So if you find you are juggling your team schedules, work projects, tasks, club events, or even your pool club or darts club schedules (we said it’s not all work and no play) then Schedule Ninja is ideal for those busy managers that don’t have personal secretaries or assistants and working mums that have to juggle their work life with getting the kids picked up from school at the end of the afternoon.


If you just don’t find you have the time to sit in front of the computer all day and you are always on the go then Schedule Ninja will manage everything for you on your iPhone, smartphone, tablet, iPad or iPod Touch.

There are several key features we liked about Schedule Ninja and these included an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for managing your day to day busy and hectic schedules. This means your appointments will always go with you wherever you are. You can also create unlimited groups and invite people simply by tapping in their email address.

You can also call, message and telephone anyone in your contacts with just one tap of your screen and an instant group message availability lets you tell your entire darts team that the venue has been moved and the start time has been changed from 7.30pm to 8.00pm, or something similar, by sending just one message and knowing the whole team will receive that notification.

Schedule Ninja also lets you generate directions and maps to all group members with just one click and you can synchronize events and messages with your personal email address and online calendar applications. It really is a secretary in your pocket!