Ubooly Talks! Learning Companion for Kids – Review

UBooly Talks is a learning tool for your children and an interactive companion that will actually listen and respond to more than 100 fun and educational activities for children. The learning tool is designed for kids aged three up to 10 years and UBooly will become your child’s companion. UBooly is an animated bear-looking creature that will read stories, sing songs and teach several lessons where your child can interact and participate.

The magic is that UBooly Talk can be plugged in to the plush toy or if you prefer you can play the game straight from the app. But one of the many wonders of UBooly is that he will remember your child’s birthday and their name; so each time that UBooly interacts with your child it may well believe there is intelligence coming from the bear! And, that’s just what it is because UBooly learns as it goes along and will pick up on your child’s habits, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Furthermore, he will remember them.


UBooly can be changed to have a new costume, a different hairstyle or a completely new face. Watch as your child lovingly transforms UBooly into the creature he or she wants. Plus you can even change UBooly’s colour too – giving him an orange, blue, pink or green hue in a totally customizable way.

The play packs that come with the app are around three dollars each and there are loads of them. Included in the play packs are grammar tips, a spelling game, alphabet lesson and a number coin games. You can unlock every single pack there is for $30 and get your child learning fast in a fun and educational way.

UBooly is not only customizable but smart too; he can be bumped into another UBooly character, using their bellies, and suddenly the pair will actually talk to each other! UBooly has to be the world’s cutest tutor and it will fast become your child’s favourite teacher. The Play Packs are great because there are so many different ones to choose from. There are even Play Packs that will teach your child Spanish, parts of the human body, adding up, counting, vocabulary, the seasons and the world’s oceans.

UBooly Talks is adding more play packs all the time, so your child can learn more advanced educational features such as road trips, parts of speech and division, all performed in a cute, colourful and fun way to be taught.